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Dog Training Myth: I Don't Have Time To Train My Dog
Fear Free's lead animal trainer, Mikkel Becker, offers helpful tips on how to train your dog when you feel you don't have enough time. 
The Right Way To Pet a Dog
Did you know there is a right and wrong way to pet a dog? Certified dog trainer, Mikkel Becker, teaches the best way to pet a dog and how to understand different signals during the interaction. 
Dog Training: House Training Talk
Fear Free's lead animal trainer, Mikkel Becker, shares her thoughts on the best way to potty train.
BISSELL Pet Foundation Awards $10,000 Emergency Grant to Alaqua Animal Refuge
BISSELL Pet Foundation aims to be a trusted resource for our animal welfare partners in times of emergency. Because BPF is a small organization, we can react quickly to urgent situations.  Recently, BPF responded to a call for help from Alaqua Animal...
Two Peas in a Pod: Do Your Cat and Dog Get Along?
Sometimes it’s tough to get them both in one picture. But some dogs and cats are BFFS. Show us your best shots of your cat and dog getting along. Or not getting along!
Mourning your late dog

Here are some ways to get through the grieving process and celebrate the joy and love that your dog brought into your life.

How to Remember Your Late Cat
Though it’s common to hear about the sense of loss people feel when their dog passes away, cat owners can sometimes find themselves alone in dealing with the grief of losing their cat. Fortunately, however, there are plenty of ways...
Keeping Pets Cool in the Summer Heat
Our pups can’t tell us when they are hot, but they certainly show us! Take the preventative course of action and follow these quick tips to keep you and your pup cool and comfortable all summer long.