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Decorating Your House With Your Cat in Mind
‘Tis the season for trees, candles, and lights, but while it may bring holiday joy to adorn your home with an array of festive décor, cat owners may want to think twice about displaying some of the most common holiday...
Decorating Your House With Your Dog in Mind
  Many people can’t wait to start decorating their homes for the holidays thanks to an endless array of festive options, from plants (and trees!) to candles to lights. But dog owners have to be especially wary about their holiday...
8 Reasons to Adopt a Senior Dog
 When many people think about bringing home a new four-legged friend, they automatically think of puppies. But there are lots of reasons to consider adopting older dog, ranging from their lower-maintenance lifestyles to their built-in companionship skills.
Caring For Your Cat's Paws
Though cats are adept at grooming themselves, owners still need to keep an eye on their cat’s paws. While your feline friend may not always be the most willing recipient of a pedicure, there are plenty of ways to ensure...
5 Things to Know About Feline Cancer
Here are 5 things all cat owners should know about feline cancer.
How to Prevent Canine Cancer
Nobody ever wants to think about the “C” word, but unfortunately, just like humans, dogs can be impacted by various forms of cancer. While some types of cancer are caused by genetics, and others tend to impact dogs of certain...
Meet the Mullers
Devon, Nicole, Adeline, and Avery introduce us to their dog Kiah and tell us her adoption story.
BARKBATH Dual Use at Empty the Shelters
The BARKBATH Dual Use is demonstrated at the October 2019 Empty the Shelters Event
Halloween Costumes for Your Dog
Halloween is a time for candy and, of course, cute costumes. And while you may not be able to share a Snickers with your four-legged pal, there’s no reason why you can’t celebrate the holiday by playing a little dress up with one of the season’s array of pet-friendly costumes.
5 Reasons to Adopt a Black Kitty
When you think of Halloween, there’s witches, monsters, and, of course, black cats. But even though black cats have gotten a reputation for being bad luck (or even evil), there are tons of reasons why black cats make a wonderful...
Meet the Wygmans
Tammy Wygmans fostered her dog, Hunter, and just couldn't imagine giving him up, so she adopted him and gave him a forever home.
Reasons to Adopt a Shelter Dog
With all the controversy in recent years about puppy mills, more and more people are heading to a local rescue organization or shelter when it comes time to find their next four-legged best friend. And with good reason—from the cost savings to the variety of adoptable pets waiting for their forever homes in shelters, there are lots of reasons to rescue your next pet. Here are 5 reasons to adopt a shelter dog.
Meet the Kerrs
Keri, Troy, and Harrison Kerr introduce us to their two rescue beagles, Rosie and Otis.
Get Your Home Ready for a Shelter Cat
When you’ve decided to open your home (and your heart) to a shelter cat, here are some things you should do to prepare.
Dog Training Myth: Dog misbehavior is the owner's fault
Dog misbehavior can be normal body language for a dog - some breeds have more energy than others. Mikkel Becker, certified dog trainer, explains the best way to get better behavior from your dog by reinforcing good behavior and redirecting...
Dog Training 101
A well-behaved dog is a pleasure to be around. But what many new dog owners don’t realize is that training their dog can take time, consistency, and most importantly, lots of patience. “ Even the simplest of manners—not barking, not...
Playing Tug With Your Dog
Most dogs love to play tug, but is that the right thing to do? Certified dog trainer and dog behavior counselor, Mikkel Becker, says that it's okay to play tug but you have to set rules to make sure it's...
5 Ways to Ensure Your Kitty Lives a Happy, Healthy Life
September is Happy, Healthy Cat Month, so there’s no better time to consider all the ways we can keep our feline friends happy and healthy. From scheduling routine veterinary visits to providing plenty of opportunities for your cat to play,...
Meet the Kreislers
Roman, Kindra, and Jenna introduce us to Oakley.
Mourning your late dog

Here are some ways to get through the grieving process and celebrate the joy and love that your dog brought into your life.

How to Remember Your Late Cat
Though it’s common to hear about the sense of loss people feel when their dog passes away, cat owners can sometimes find themselves alone in dealing with the grief of losing their cat. Fortunately, however, there are plenty of ways...