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  • Brand: Kittywalk

  • Type: Beds, Crates & Gates

Kittywalk Cozy Cabin Pet Car Seat

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    Completely enclosed pet car seat keeps your pet where it belongs. The Cozy Cabin has no hard interior surfaces which could harm your pet in the event of a short stop. Pets ride high up so they can enjoy the scenery too! Padded shoulder strap included for your comfort. "Floating" floor can be removed to accommodate larger dogs. Dimensions: inside compartment: with adjustable floor 16”H, and inside compartment: without adjustable floor 24"H.


    • Cozy Cabin easily attaches to seat belt and headrest and sets up in seconds

    • Collapses into a size smaller than a briefcase, 17"L x 17"W x 8"H

    • Three portholes that zip open or zip closed when vehicle is in motion

    • Thick 2" faux sheepskin interior bumper that protects pets from sudden stops

    • Handy storage section for leashes, blankets and water bowls