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Jonny Cat Original Complete Multi Cat Litter

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    Triple Action Strength Delivers Long
    Lasting Odor Control:
    Unsurpassed odor-fighting power from a revolutionary system that combines 3 technological advancements in odor control. Just what you need for a busy litter box!

    *Knocks Out Ammonia Odors:
    Our patented ammonia odor eliminator immediately knocks ammonia odors out cold - but without the use of harsh chemicals, for a fresh and clean litter box the Jonny Cat® way.

    *Inhibits Fecal Odors:
    Jonny Cat Complete works 24/7 to significantly reduce the development of fecal odors in the litter box, delivering the kind of odor control and protection you'd expect from the hardest working cat litter. Take that, odor!

    *High Speed Deodorizer:
    Our high speed deodorizer goes to work on odor instantly, leaving a scent that's clean and refreshing, yet safe and gentle for your cat.

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