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Ultra Pet Litter Pearls Crystal Clear Cat Litter

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    Super Absorbent Crystal
    Litter Pearls Crystal Clear Litter has the ability to absorb moisture from catÆs urine and feces and lock the bad odor. These crystals are made of premium quality silica and do not cause any harm even if ingested by your feline. These crystals are spherical in shape and offer superior odor control and absorption.

    Litter Pearls Crystal Clear Litter
    Maximum odor control
    Easy maintenance
    High absorbing power
    70% less landfill contribution than clay litters
    These crystals can help you keep your house neat, clean and odor free.

    A Closer Look: Litter Pearls Crystal Clear Litter works by first absorbing moisture and locking the odor, and then letting the moisture evaporate keeping the odor-causing material trapped in the crystals.

    Made Specially for: Cats of all ages


    Silica gel