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Ark Naturals Ears All Right Cleaning Lotion For Dogs & Cats

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    A gentle ear cleaning lotion formulated to clean and maintain your pet's ear health.
    The inside of your dog's ear is warm and moist. It's a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Keeping ears cleanwill help. Ears All Right™ is an all natural botanical formula that works to break down and remove wax, smelly build-up, and foreign debris.

    Remember...healthy pet ears have no smell!


    Active Ingredients:
    · Aloe Vera Gel (whole leaf)
    · Isopropanol USP
    · Glycerine 99.5%
    · Calendula extract
    · Rosemary extract
    · Myrrh extract
    · Cinnamon oil

    Inactive Ingredients:
    · De-ionized water

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