JW Pet Gripsoft Deluxe Nail Clippers
JW Pet Gripsoft Deluxe Nail Clippers
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  • Brand: JW Pet

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JW Pet Gripsoft Deluxe Nail Clippers

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    JW GripSoft Deluxe Nail Clippers takes the bite out of the often-dreaded nail-trimming chore. The cutting guard allows you to give your small to medium-sized dog a manicure with confidence. Originally designed for professional groomers, all of JW's grooming tools are specially designed to be ergonomically correct, using less pressure to manipulate the tool. With its non-slip soft grip, even when wet, you maintain total control.
    Heavy duty, sharp blade that will give you a smooth cut – without the jagged edges.
    Easy-to-use nail clipper
    It features a soft, rubber-sheathed ergonomically correct handle for a comfortable, non-slip grip.
    Features cutting guard to reduce chances of cutting too short
    This nail clipper can help groomers maintain a comfortable nail length without hurting your pet.
    The nail guard reduces chances of cutting nails too short.
    Cutting guard for safe trimming.