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Four Paws Wee-Wee Extra Large Puppy Housebreaking Pads

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    Some things are tough for brand new puppies to figure out… like why
    Being a puppy is tough! Life’s full of “Put that down,” “I said off!” and “Not on the carpet!!” With Four Paws Wee-Wee Extra Large Puppy Housebreaking Potty Pads, you can save your new pal (and yourself) a lot of unnecessary stress. Each pad is covered with a scented attractant that lets pups know they’ve found the perfect place to use the bathroom and a leak-proof liner that makes housebreaking simple and clean.

    Why We Love It:

    • Extra large potty pads are perfect for large breeds
    • Leak-proof liner protects floors and carpet
    • Perfect for housebound pets
    • Quick, easy way to house train dogs

    Each Potty Pad is 28-inch Length by 34-inch Width

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