Redbarn Bully Barbell Dog Treats
Redbarn Bully Barbell Dog Treats
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Redbarn Bully Barbell Dog Treats

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    Redbarn Bully Barbells are made of natural beef muscle and are designed to stand up to hours of chewing. These single-ingredient chews are twisted to provide durability and help reduce your dog’s stress levels by offering a tough chew. natural chews, like our barbells, help to maintain dog’s healthy smiles.

    Country of Origin: Made in Paraguay (in a Redbarn owned and operated plant).
    Shelf Life: 36 mo

    Grain and Gluten-Free
    Single Ingredient, All-Beef Chew
    No Artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives
    Helps Support Your Dog's Dental Health
    Great rawhide alternative


    Beef Pizzle

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