Barkbath Dual Use

The first 2-in-1 portable dog wash and deep cleaner. This portable all-in-one system can be used to wash your dog in any room of the house.

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The BARKBATH Dual Use will not only bathe and groom your dog, but it will clean up after messes that your pets and family members may leave behind on carpets, rugs and upholstery as well.

The faster, easier, less messy way to clean your dog...and your home

The first 2-in-1 Portable Dog Bath and Deep Cleaner that has been built with YOUR dog in mind.


Buy Now | $199.99

Have a dirty dog?


Muddy Footprints?


Pet accident?


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Quickly Cleans Spots and Stains,
Not Just Dogs


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The BISSELL BARKBATH Dual Use allows pet parents to bathe their dog with virtually no mess—eliminating the inevitable clean-up that comes along with washing a four-legged family member. This all-in-one system can be used in any room of the house, anytime, with minimal mess.


The new BARKBATH Dual Use can also be quickly changed to a portable carpet cleaner, allowing you to clean up after messes your furry family member (or other family members) may leave behind.


Three customizable nozzles (based on fur length) get beneath the fur and down to the skin—the true source of stink—to allow water and no-rinse shampoo to wash the skin clean, while a soft suction pulls dirt and water away into a separate dirty water tank. Three customizable grooming clips (based on fur type) brush your dog’s coat while cleaning.


Sound/noise emitted is similar to a vacuum. For best results, your dog should not be afraid of the sound of a vacuum. Training steps are provided in the user guide materials to acclimate noise-sensitive and anxious dogs.


BARKBATH Dual Use uses less than 68 ounces of water to clean pets up to 80 pounds compared to traditional bathing in a tub, which can use up to 19 gallons of water.


Compact and easy to store.




The following illustrations will help guide you through how easy it is to use the BARKBATH Dual Use.


Our commitment to insight lead innovation is clearly on display in the evolution of the BARKBATH.


The original BARKBATH™ was launched on Indiegogo in May 2017, offering a new approach to bathing your dog more effectively, and without the mess.


When developing the new BARKBATH™ Dual Use, we listened
and evolved the concept:

 - Quieter

 - Integrated, All-in-one system

 - Customizable, easy-to-clean bathing tool with grooming clips

 - Converts to a spot-and-stain deep-cleaner.

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Here you'll find answers to the most common questions and trouble shooting solutions for the BARKBATH Dual Use

FAQ #1 How to assemble:

FAQ #2 Preparing The BARKBATH Dual Use to wash your dog:

FAQ #3 How to empty the Dirty Water Tank:

FAQ #4 Preparing the BARKBATH for Storage:

FAQ #5 Troubleshooting: No Suction:

FAQ #6 Troubleshooting: No Spray:

FAQ #7 Troubleshooting: Leaking:

FAQ #8 Troubleshooting: No Power:

FAQ # 9 How to clean your carpet:

FAQ # 10 Does the BARKBATH Dual Use work on small dogs or dogs with hair instead of fur?

Yes!  For best results, we recommend that the dog be 15 lbs. or more. The BARKBATH Dual Use was built to be customizable for dogs with all lengths and types of hair or fur!

FAQ # 11 What shampoo options are available?

There are 7 no-rinse shampoos: Clean & Fresh (Mulberry Scented), Free & Clear (Scent / Color free), Odor & Skunk (Unscented, but tough enough to remove strong odors like skunk), Oatmeal, Vitamin E, White Tea & Aloe and Honey Blossom

FAQ # 12 Why No-Rinse shampoo, isn’t that strange?

No!  No rinse shampoos are fast becoming a norm on retailers’ shelves as people want a “quick clean”.  We have used a formulation similar to what has been used in hospital bathing for more than 40 years.  Also, this technique and type of shampoo has been used on more than 70,000 dogs over 10 years at a dog spa in Canada.

FAQ # 13 How many washes will I get out of one bottle of shampoo?

Depending on how dirty you dog is along with the thoroughness of the wash, you can wash an 80 lb. dog 4-6 times with our 16 oz. bottles and 5-8 times with our 20 oz. bottles.

FAQ # 14 My dog is scared of the vacuum. Any suggestions?

We know that some dogs are afraid of the sound of a vacuum.  While we built the BARKBATH Dual Use to be quieter than most vacuum cleaners, it does make a similar sound.  We have included an 8 ft. hose to allow you to keep the system far away from where you are actually washing your dog.  Plus, there is a sound dampening mat that comes with the system.  We also have a video from our professional groomer that shows you a quick, 3-step process to help your anxious dog become acquainted with the BARKBATH system