Videos to Get You Started

Did you know there is a right, and a wrong, way to pet your dog? Mikkel Becker offers some helpful tips.  

Weight management in your favorite fur friend is important. Dr. Dr. Davild Miles offers some insights on how to properly manage your pet's weight.  

What's in a name? Mikkel Becker shares her tips to help you teach your pet their name.  

Training Articles

Celebrating Gotcha Day

For humans, birthday celebrations are an annual way to celebrate our loved ones. So it’s no surprise that more and more dog owners are planning special celebrations to acknowledge their four-legged family members, whether it’s their birthday or the anniversary...

Prevent Your Dog From Getting Lost

Thanks to dogs’ natural tendencies to hunt and chase, even the most attentive pet owners can find themselves in a desperate situation when Fido breaks free from his leash in pursuit of a squirrel or digs his way out of...

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